Bartrams Brewery

welcome to Bartrams Brewery website. I am your host on this wander through cyberspace, my name is Marc Bartram. Leave your coat on the hook and follow me, don’t mind the dog, he’s worn out after yesterday’s Jehovah’s Witness.

Bartrams Brewery started in 1999 in a small industrial unit in the village of Thurston using a five barrel plant purchased from Buffys Brewery. A pint of lovely foaming lip-smacking thirst-quenching beer!In the first year of production The Bees Knees gained a commendation at the Cambridge Winter Beer Festival, and Captain’s Stout was voted best Stout at the Doncaster Beerex. In 2000 Cherry Stout managed to win the Overall Champion at the Cambridge Beer Festival.

Bartrams Brewery
Rougham Estate
Ipswich Road
Bury St Edmunds
IP30 9LZ

Phone    01449 737655
Mobile    077 6806 2581