Beeston Brewery Ltd

Mark the Brewer
Previously (maybe even still) an Engineer. Learnt how to brew properly at Sunderland University. Married to Carole (see below). Any spare time is used up Paragliding or abusing the Defender 90.

James the Assistant & now very able Brewer
Joined in December 2010 as a valuable addition to the brewery. As well as all his beer type work he is also a qualified mender of broken things. James is a superb off-road driver & a pretty good rock climber too. He has been involved for several years running the Rover Rescue Land Rover Volunteer Group. An all round good guy who likes a challenge!

Semi retired now but previously lived in the brewery farmhouse during his early years. He has seen the current brewery building evolve since the second world war. About the only job you won’t find Rodney doing in the brewery is brewing! Worked up until recently as a trucker of most things you can imagine to every corner of the country. He spends time looking after his horse Jasper & volunteering his time to help the village.

The good looking one and Mark the Brewers wife. Skilled in sales and consultancy. Recently sold beer to a complete non drinker! A natural at setting up displays & presentations. Carole enjoys the countryside & being outdoors.

Beeston Brewery Ltd
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Kings Lynn
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