Brampton Brewey Ltd

Most of you will already know that there once was a Brampton Brewery.  In fact it’s fair to say that the original Brampton Brewery is the complete inspiration behind this project, and the realization of life-long held dreams for those of us involved.  But a micro-brewery it most certainly was not.  In it’s hey-day the original brewery had plant with a brew-length of 130 barrels (compared with our 8 ! ) and at busy periods they brewed 6 days a week – meaning a weekly production of almost 30,000 gallons of beer.

Local brewery historian, CAMRA stalwart, brewer, architect, jack-of-all-trades and master of most of them, John Hirst, has written a number of excellent books charting the history of Chesterfield’s breweries and the pubs in which they were sold.  John’s kindly allowed us to reproduce one of the chapters specifically relating to Brampton Brewery on this page.

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