Brüpond Brewery

I suppose I have to start out by giving you a bit of my own history.  I was born in Craig, Colorado in the USA a long time ago.  I spent my entire young life, save the first three years, in Colorado Springs Colorado.  You might know this city more by the fact it is situated by NORAD, a famous base built into the side of a mountain made famous by the Cold War and the movie WarGames. My brother Ted was always a big influence on the movies that I watched and the music that I listened to… although there was a phase that I thought Yanni was about the best music that there could ever be. But he always pushed me to think differently and see things differently.

My parents had put up a poster in my room when I was very young that said, ‘Make your own Music, and Sing your own Song and the Whole world will be singing along.’ It has always been amazing how those words have been a bit of a personal motto throughout my life. I have prided myself on always looking at the world through a bit of a different lense, and sometimes, not all the time, make a difference in someone elses life.

Brüpond Brewery
Unit 004 15 Argall Avenue
E10 7QE

Phone     020 8556 7438