Dancing Duck Beer Ltd

Dancing Duck brewery was founded by husband and wife team Ian and Rachel in December 2010.

Ian has worked as a brewery design engineer for 14 years, his job has taken him all over the world from Newcastle to Africa to Bury St Edmonds to the Caribbean to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and then back to Burton on Trent again.

He figures out the design for the breweries and how they will run most efficiently whilst having the least impact on the environment, then when they have been built, he goes off and makes sure they all work properly. He loves real ale and has been drinking it for as long as he can remember but it was actually his wife who came up with the idea to open a brewery.

Rachel is a relative new comer to real ale, years ago she tried the odd half of Bank’s Bitter but had never really been inclined to drink anything other than lager or wine. Perhaps, like many women, she had always seen real ale as a man’s drink, Ian had spent many an evening down the pub trying to persuade her to try his much loved tipple and in 2007 she eventually did. Well he got a bit more than he had bargained for; she liked it so much she decided she wanted to make it for a living!

Dancing Duck Beer Ltd
Unit 1 John Cooper Buildings
Payne Street
DE22 3AZ

Phone     01332 205582
Mobile     075 8112 2122