Exe Valley Brewery

The brewery started life as Barron Brewery when it was set up in 1984 by Richard Barron.

Richard had previously been the landlord of The Three Tuns in Silverton. He converted a redundant cow shed into the brewery (doing the work himself). By 1991 trade had expanded so much that extra help was needed.

Thus in 1991 Guy Sheppard joined Richard and the name was change to Exe Valley Brewery.

Guy had opted out of accountancy after graduating at Exeter University and had set up the wholesale brewers’ agents business of Sheppard & Mason in 1977, which was sold in 1991.

A new brewing plant was installed and opened in 1994 by our MP, Mrs Angela Browning as part of our 10th Anniversary celebrations. This plant, with one or two modifications and improvements continues to server us well to this day.

Richard retired from the brewery in 2003. Guy now runs the brewery on his own account doing much of the actual brewing work himself with some assistance from his two loyal workers.

Exe Valley Brewery can produce 60 barrels per week (over 17,000 pints) and prides itself in being a producer of quality prize-winning, craft beers.

All our beers are cask conditioned (real ale) and are produced from natural ingredients with no additives.

We use our own spring water, Devon malt and English hops.

Exe Valley Brewery
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