Poppyland Brewery

With over 30 breweries in Norfolk, why do we need another one? This Poppyland Brewery is a one man band, based in Cromer, North Norfolk. It is still very new and not even fully in production. For me, Martin Warren the Poppyland Brewer, it is a challenge in post-redundancy times, a means of self expression and it helps to satisfy my creative instincts. Hopefully I can make a small living too. As an ex-museum curator I cannot help myself from revelling in the character and culture of North Norfolk and I reflect this in my beers. I produce extraordinary ales that are far removed from industrial beer found in supermarkets or even beer found in British pubs. I am exploring just what beer can be, using the best ingredients and new techniques, seeking to innovate and aiming to really please my customers. I often draw inspiration from the local environment and local history. Where I can I use local ingredients – wild and cultivated. Where I can’t, I get the best ingredients from all over the world – like hops, yeasts. I don’t want people to say, Mmm, that’s okay. I want them to say Wow! That’s amazing!

Poppyland Brewery
46 West Street
NR27 9DS

Mobile     078 1801 5707