The Dove Street Brewery Ltd

When the Pitt & Abbot building opposite the Dove Street Inn suddenly had a notice in the window that it was going to be sold by auction in a couple of days, we were out of the country so a friend went and bid for it.

It was like you see on Homes Under the Hammer every thing the previous owners didn’t want were left you can see on the pictures tab

After a few skips to clear most of the rubbish, plans were drawn up to change the building. Due to the changes planned, Brewery, Brew Shop and Accomendation, there was a lot of conditions put on the planning permission. Sound and Fire proofing the accomendation from the shop.

With one planning application being submitted for the whole development it has meant all work needed doing before handing over.

A two and a half barrel brew plant came up on ebay which we accquired, parts of which have been seen at the Dove Street Inn during beer festivals.

The brewery being in the garage at the back of the building, the existing concrete floor and that of the yard have been dug out and relayed with drainage

The rest of the building has now been insulated and lined with the fermentaing area seperated off

At this time we accquired another two and a half barrel brew plant and the brewery is now a combination of these two sets of kit. Giving the capacity required.

The Dove Street Brewery Ltd
82 St Helens Street

Phone    01473 211270