The Untapped Brewing Company

Welcome to the Untapped website – Home of the (currently…. but not for long…!) homeless brewers, Martyn and Owen! Why homeless? Well, when we decided to start our company, we had ideas, drive and initiative… but no brewery..

But that wasn’t going to stop us! So, with a bit of charm and cunning, we arranged to borrow someone else’s brewery (just their kit, the hard work is all down to us) until we are able to finance our own. You just can’t keep good brewers down!

So why did we want to do this? We’ve been friends for years – started off selling fine wine, whisky and beer to the great and good of Cardiff in the 90′s. We both moved on, but one day, with both of us looking to work for ourselves, we met and talked about how cool it would be to run our own brewery. We both have a ton of experience in the trade, have always wanted to make and sell something spectacular, and have a long standing passion for great beer – this was perfect!

The Untapped Brewing Company

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