How did all this come about?
The Adur Brewery Ltd was incorporated in November 2007. By 2008 it was established in its own premises in Mouse Lane on the Wiston Estate and thereafter built up a good reputation for the quality of its beers and developed a loyal following in the area.

In early 2011 the majority shareholder, Andy Dwelly, announced that he intended to sell up and return to his former career in IT. There was a risk that the brewery equipment could be taken to another location and that the Adur Valley would lose its local brewery. It was decided to form a co-operative to buy these assets so as to maintain brewing in this area.

Why a co-operative?
Many beer fans have a dream of owning or working in a brewery. For most it remains just a dream because such a venture is difficult and risky for an individual. However a co-operative provides the opportunity for anyone who wishes to apply, thus minimising the risk and maximising the fun. The only limitation is that participants must be over the age of 18.

What exactly is a co-operative?
The Adur Valley Co-operative Limited is “an Industrial and Provident Society (IPS) operating as a bona fide co-operative”.  Every IPS is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).  This legal status provides much more protection and stability than a PLC and the FSA does not award it lightly.  Anyone who would like to read more about the legal structures can refer to this helpful guide from Co-operatives UK called ‘Simply Legal’.

Adur Brewery
Adur Valley Co-operative Ltd
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