Allendale Brew Co Ltd

Since 2006 we have been crafting award winning Ales and Lagers in the impressive Allen Mill on the banks of the river Allen. We have brought modern brewing techniques to a historical location.

For over 200 years Allendale was a bustling town famous for its lead mining industry and the Allen Mill was at the heart of the economy. Since the collapse of the industry and the closure of the Smelt Mill in 1896, the Mill building has had many uses – including storage of munitions during the war!

We are a young and energetic company, devoting masses of time to product development, quality and consistency. We use a wide range of malts, hops and yeast strains (and sometimes whatever else ignites our imagination!), to produce a diverse range of beer styles both traditional and innovative.

Our beers are always well received and over the years we have collected a number of awards both locally and nationally, most recently silver for ‘APA’ at the national SIBA Craft beer in Keg competition.

Allendale Brew Co Ltd
Allen Mill
NE47 9EQ

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