Andwell Brewing Company is a true family business, run by Adam Komrower and his wife, Helen.

We began producing our range of beers in October 2008. The award-winning Brewery was conceived by Adam (probably over a pint of real ale) and having persuaded Helen it would be a good idea, a year into the project he somehow also persuaded her to leave her legal career to join in with the venture!

Andwell’s relocated in 2011 to allow the brewery’s expansion and the installation of the Brewery’s new 20 barrel ‘Bavarian Brewery Technology’ brewhouse and fermenting vessels and cask washer – which the Andwell’s Team use to produce our ‘Beautifully crafted Hampshire ales’.

Andwell Brewing Company llp
Andwell Mill Trout Farm
RG27 9PA

Phone     01256 761044
Mobile     077 7913 0577