Beer wasn’t what beer used to be, or should be. And Matt and Alex thought they could do better. So, they settled on a simple idea – bringing beer back to the future. Brewing beer the way it used to be brewed, by craftsmen who worked to bring out original and satisfying flavours. And adding new twists, a fresh perspective, and the superb quality control that comes from modern brewing.

In fact, their vision was pretty simple. They thought of it as timeless beers, made even greater, and with a choice of truly international tipples. Not beer for lager swillers. And definitely not beer for old farts.

So, the guys founded their own brewery. (When you really care about great beer, it’s the only choice.) That gave them complete control, and allowed them to use only the finest ingredients and recipes. Now, they brew small, but they brew right. Making beer with unique character. With taste to savour. With refreshing identity. When you drink a Blue Ball beer, you know exactly what you’re getting, and that it’s never run of the mill.

Blue Ball uses only the finest malts and choicest hops, sourced from around the world. Add in hand-selected fruit and the finest quality yeast, and you already have the makings for a beer that’s far above the ordinary. Then, the beer is brewed in small batches, by hand, for the very best quality.

When it’s ready, and only when it’s ready, the beer comes to you. No flat beer. No weak beer. No ‘factory beer’ rushed through a production line, with another million litres added to cope with demand. And especially, no dull, second-rate beer pretending to be traditional. It’s beer brewed purely because it’s loved.

Blue Ball Brewery
Units 11-12 EBL Centre
Picow Farm Road

Phone    01928 238330