The Brew On Social Enterprise Brewery provides opportunities for people experiencing disadvantage through disability or social exclusion to work in the brewing industry.

We provide supported and permitted hours employment, training and volunteering for adults living in Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

By providing opportunities for real work and training we aim to increase social inclusion, community cohesion and improve the lives of people who often find their employment choices restricted.

We are an ethical social business and have ambitions to become a Social Firm employing at least 50% of our workforce with a personal experience of disability. Our environmental management system ensures that we also deliver environmental benefits which helps us to define ourselves as a genuine Social Enterprise.

We are based in Herefordshire right on the border with Worcestershire and offer employment, training and volunteering opportunities for people disadvantaged by rurality. Often people with disabilities or who are socially exlcuded are unable to find these opportunities in rural areas and feel that they must relocate to more urban areas to find them, this reduces the cultural diversity of these rural communities and creates social deprivation.

Brew-On CIC
Brockhampton Brewery
The Farm
Brockhampton Estate

Phone     01584 711031