Time for a change, and brewing to me is just a forward-step requiring many of the skills honed at the bakery, mainly good taste! The brewery is temporarily housed at the back of the bakery and in the previously unused space upstairs. Having the brewery here allows us an income from the bakery while perfecting the equipment, brewing techniques and beers. Hence, no financial pressure to sell beer with which we are not entirely happy. It was largely due to the confined space downstairs that led me to design and, for the most part, build the equipment myself. A lot of research both from books and the web has enabled me to do this, sometimes employing centuries-old techniques, sometimes modern and occasionally my own solutions to correct problems that have cropped up along the way. The upshot is that our brewery is unique, and what I have learned in thirty years of baking is that if you give one hundred bakers in one hundred bakeries the same bread recipe, you will get one hundred different loaves. On this basis, our beer should be unique also.

Brightside Brewing Company Ltd
1 New George Street

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