In 2012, whilst rebuilding the near derilict George and Dragon pub in Swanscombe, workers stumbled on a tribe of Cavemen in a walled up section of the cellar. Descendents of the Swanscombe Man, this Caveman tribe has been living in the cellar of the pub and the adjacent abandoned cellars of Galley Hill for millenia. These Cavemen (and Cavewomen) have sampled beer brewed throughout the ages, including a lot of the contents of the George and Dragon cellar, and have decided to use their expertise to form their own brewery.

Caveman Brewery has grown out of our passion for good beer. We are big fans of some of the countries best breweries and as such we are hopeful our cultured tastebuds (millenia of beer drinking) will help us to brew some top beers ourselves.

Despite being cavemen we try not to use twigs, berries, animal skins or any other nasty stuff in our beer.

Caveman Brewery
The George and Dragon
1 London Road
DA10 0LQ

Mobile    077 6971 0665