Art Brew, a boutique brewery set up by John and Becky Whinnerah, has a mission to make a wide range of fantastically exciting and tasty beers. After years running their own speciality real ale pub where they tasted literally thousands of beers from across the country, they have a strong sense of the kinds of beer they want to make. Although there is a temptation to create one best bitter, then market it to death, there is no way the couple could live with that. For them the passion lies in making beers that can show the real breadth of style beer makers from all over the world have created over the centuries, and add to it a modern twist. Not worried about keeping shareholders happy, Art Brew never scrimp on ingredients for financial reasons:The priority is flavour always comes first.

Chideock Brewery
The Art Brew Barn
North End Farm
Venn Lane

Mobile    078 8178 3626