DB Brew & Food Ltd

We are two brothers with no brewing experience. What made us start thinking about setting up was watching big brewers do their best to get everyone drinking from the same mass produced, flavourless, gassed up, over advertised etc. etc.

db brew is not about beer for the guzzle market. Our aims are simple:

Pure ingredients – water, malted barley, hops and yeast.

Time – small batches top or bottom fermented, slow or very slow.

Flavour, aroma, natural carbonation and quality.

Quality is as always subjective but we are committed to defining our own and meeting it. We want you to enjoy our beers and recognise the work we put into making them.

DB Brew & Food Ltd
Unit 2a Sutton Quays Business Park
Clifton Road
Sutton Weaver

Mobile     07739 325742