Fownes Brewing Company

It is often said that in life you should do what you love. For us that meant combining our passions for real ale, fantasy gaming and story telling.

Originally conceived in the winter of 2010, a lot of time and effort has been put into learning the craft of brewing, developing recipes we can be proud of and creating a world setting for our brand.

At The Fownes Brewing Company we intend to develop a brand that combines traditional fantasy stories with the industrial heritage of the Black Country to bring back the ancient tradition of story telling into the public house, igniting patrons imaginations and involving those who enjoy our fine ales in the development of a community spirit through ales and tales.

At present we are a half barrel (Dwarf) brewery operating in Sedgley with the ambition to grow to 2 barrels by the end of 2013. Currently we supply local Free Houses as well as provide cask ale for private events.

The business is supported by the Prince’s Trust through funding and mentoring to help us achieve our aspirations of being a successful, award winning brewery.

Fownes Brewing Company
The Jolly Crispin
25 Clarence Street