Hardknott is about good beer. Really, that should be all we have to say.

But, lets say a little more, just in case you are interested.

Our aim is to make beer that is unique and different. Perhaps beer to challenge the drinkers perceptions of drinking. We don’t want to make beer that is run-of-the-mill, not because we think that drinking a few pints with mates is somehow an inferior activity, no, we do it ourselves, often. But there are lots of beers out there that are superb session quaffers, we want to make beer that compliments the wealth of beers already out there rather than just copy some old classic.

Most of our beer goes out in casks and we’re very happy about that. No, really, we are absolutely delighted and have no intention of changing that.

Some we put into bottles, but generally only the higher strength beers. They are all bottle conditioned and we are delighted about that too. We don’t like to call them Real-Ale-in-a-bottle, although we could, we just don’t want to. However, we do think that beer put into bottle with minimum filtering and then allowed to develop a natural carbonation are quality products.

Hardknott Brewery
10a Devonshire Road Industrial Estate
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