The brewery officially began in 2003, but this was really the culmination of years of home brewing by Hoggleys brewer Roy Crutchley.

Roy began brewing in the same way as thousands of others, as a teenager buying tins of concentrate from the local brewshop. After a number of years trying to make the one brew that would be as good as the real stuff you could get in the pub, he decided to look into full mash brewing. From this point onwards he was hopelessly addicted to the whole business of brewing and having a much greater control over the final product began experimenting with different beer types and different brewing techniques. After a while the beer improved and the golden chalice of licensed brewing became a goal to aim for. This goal, at first the dream of an idle moment (although as any full mash brewer with family commitments etc. will confirm, idle moments are few and far between) grew and grew until it became an irresistible burden. A licence was applied for, planning permissions were applied for, environmental health were contacted etc. etc. After an intense few months of climbing a steep learning curve, Hoggleys Brewery was born and took its first faltering steps into the big wide world.


Hoggley’s Brewery
c/o 30 Mill Lane

Phone     01604 831762
Mobile     077 1707 8402