Our background is not beer university, or working at big breweries, or even having a mid life crisis and blowing the pension fund.  Were pretty young and just obsessed with real beer.  Our brewery had its beginnings in our kitchens, blowing them up with beer experiments.  This has progressed to bolting mash tun to copper under an old railway arch on Love Lane in Liverpool.

It’s a hobby that got seriously out of hand.  We took a risk and spent our pennies on stainless steel.  We made sure everything we bought for our set up was from local tradesman and suppliers. Local is important to us which is why we brew outstanding bespoke beers for Mello Mello and also Camp & Furnace in Liverpool.

We designed our own copper boil kettle, and built every inch of our brewery – whether it’s the electrics, the pipes or the copper it has our fingerprints all over it.  When there was something we needed help with, we had no shortage of volunteers – beer seems to bring people together.

We’re proud of our home brewing background and believe craft brewing has no boundaries.  If you brew in your kitchen then you’re on the spectrum of craft brewing in our eyes.  It does make us sad that CAMRA is trying to limit the boundaries of craft brewing by attempting to label it with some definition.

Home brewers have kept beer styles alive that could have been lost decades ago.  Small microbreweries have influenced multi-million pound breweries on styles and tastes.  Small is good when it comes to beer, the leaders are also the littlest.  And that’s because we are close to our customers.  We take every opportunity to improve our skills and broaden our horizons to make sure we get a good craft beer to your glass or bottle – we’ve come a long way but your opinion is what drives us to get better all the time.

Liverpool Craft Beers Ltd
10 Love Lane
L3 7DD

Phone     0151 236 9400