Good afternoon and welcome to Malvern Hills Brewery.

Malvern Hills Brewery (affectionately known as MHB) was established in an old quarryman’s gunpowder store back in September, 1998.

Brewer and owner, Julian Hawthornthwaite, is proud to craft imaginative and distinctive beers using hops sourced from a local hop merchant.

The range of beers were initially brewed as a hobby and often take their names from local luminaries and events from the Malvern area, but then a host of awards followed for the various beers. This soon established Malvern Hills Brewery as one of the finest new breweries in the UK.  The evidence lies in the quality of its beers and the dedication to craftsmanship …it’s what we enjoy doing.

As a beer-lover, the head brewer is continually reviewing every aspect of production in order to produce the finest beers crafted with commitment to quality for his landlords and their customers.

Malvern Hills Brewery Ltd
15 West Malvern Road
WR14 4ND

Phone    01684 560165
Fax        01684 577336