We set up the Brewery in the summer of 2006 having previously worked in various other industries. Our brewery is situated some 100 metres from the original brewery in Church Road, North Curry. We are now housed in the Old Coach House, behind Gwyon House, which dates from the early 14th century.

Set up as a microbrewery we have steadily expanded the amount of beer we produce and the levels of equipment and expertise used. We are truly a family run business with the father owning the business, brother in law helping with brewing, one son as chief of advertising and marketing, and any other family members helping out bottling. We started off producing Red Heron ale and we now have increased our ales to five, which include seasonal beers.

Our beer is now available at a wide variety of outlets, from Farmers Markets to Beer festivals all over the country. Whether you want gift packs or barrels I am sure we have a beer to suite you.

Feel free to pop in and we will happily take you around the Brewery, showing you the ancient methods of brewing that have remained the same for hundreds of years.

North Curry Brewery
The Old Coach House
Gwyon House
Church Road
North Curry

Mobile079 2881 5053