Thanks very much from dropping in on the Pilgrim website…the first UK brewery website on the net!
Production is tootling along in the continuing cold months but we are looking forward to April when we launch “Quench” our light and gulpable 3.6% beer at the Red Cross Beer Festival, just across the road from us.

If you are in the Red Cross or its sister pub the Blue Anchor down the road on the weekend of St George’s Day, April 23rd enter our competition to win a party keg of Quench…delicious! ******** see note opposite

At Pilgrim we aim , not just to brew beer and give good service, but to brew beer that our customers will really enjoy. We believe that by constantly striving to improve our beers the customer and ultimately the licensee will benefit. The application of the knowledge and xperience we have gained over 30 plus years benefits all.

2012 was an interesting  year for us as we spent considerable time (and money!) investing in new equipment to enable us to brew more efficiently (and more!). Demand has been the driving force in this decision as we found that many pubs which have taken our beers have seen them outperforming expectations. As always our driving philosophy, which has remained at the forefront of our thinkng for over 30 years, is not to do anything which compromises quality yet actively take on ideas which wil improve our beers. The varying nature of the materials used in production leads us to remain “semper vigila”.

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