After many years of working abroad travelling the 4 corners of the world and sampling many of the world beers, we would always come home to drink good old British beer. When we say this we don’t mean clones of foreign beers now brewed in Britain. We are talking about the underground micro-brewing industry.

Over the last few years good beers have started to flood the British market from micro-brewers all over the world. We at Pin-Up believe that British brewers are the best in the world, which is why we are producing beers with real flavour and using hops from all over the world and, as well as using old beer recipes we also are at the forefront of creating new, hard hitting, great tasting brews!

By taking the best of British beer brewing techniques and mixing that with foreign hops to give what we believe are unique beers with great flavour and aromas, hoping to keep our customers coming back for more!

Pin-up Beers Ltd
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Stone Cross

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