n order of joining, the company consists of Patsy Slevin at the helm who is head brewer.

Dave Grimshaw brewer, drayman, transport manager and fixer.

Lorraine Bowden sales assistant and top bar person.

Roy Pearson brewer, logistics, web designer, IT guru.

Jonathon Christopher, trainee brewer, pain in the neck.

Ashlely Evans – bar person, and Very Smilely

Liam Taylor barrel washer extrodinaire. Our youngest member of staff with a keen eye for the girls – available to let.

and, of course, John Slevin – hanger on – (actually he joined the company at the same time as Patsy, so should be further up the list, but he is easily forgotten)

We are also fortunate to have had loads of unpaid help from :-

Elizabeth Darwin and Richard Mason who have provided design inspiration and artwork, in particular the ’49er, our company logo. Richard is responsible for the basic pump clip layout, with the standard shape divided into 3 distinct  information areas. We try not to modify this layout  as it has become our corporate image.
Tom Molloy who has done a remarkable job of designing and creating the images on the pump clip and bottle labels (sometimes at extremely short notice!), as well as converting them into computer format suitable for the printers to use. With the exception of Gold Rush (by Richard Mason) and Silver Tally(Rockfield Media), all are Tom’s work. We think they are all clear and to the point, and work well in the ‘pub’ environment. We are particularly fond of the Clementine pump clip where he has done a humorous re-working of the company logo.
Lauren Christoper who helps out in the bar (also Very Smilely)
John,  Kerry, Jonathon (as in Christopher above) and Lauren (as in Christopher above) who provided muscle power, (and storage space).
Paul and Linda McGuire for more temporary storage space, as well as occasional nights out to make sure we don’t work too hard.
At last count, about 348 relatives and friends all willing to be ‘testers’.
Also many thanks to Dave Sweeney and all the staff at Bank Top Brewery in Bolton, without whom this whole project would have been so much harder!

We are members of both SIBA (Society of Indepenedent Brewers Association) and CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale).

Prospect Brewery Ltd
Unit 11 Bradley Hall Trading Estate
Bradley Lane

Phone 01257 421329