Lets face it, your not going to buy our beer based on what you read here, your only going to buy it because youʼve tried it before, or someone has recommended it to you. But just in case your interested, or more likely bored at work and killing time between meetings:

I started brewing as a hobby one day, canʼt remember why now, but it was fun and the initial results were passable. Slowly but surely the hobby started to take up increasingly large amounts of my time and before I knew it I was experimenting and brewing most weekends. Over several beers with friends I semi-jokingly came up with the name RedWillow Brewery based on our children’s middle names our eldestʼs is Willow a reference to, I am ashamed to admit, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and for some reason we let our daughter pick our sonʼs middle name she chose Red (at least it wasnʼt pink!).

Redwillow Brewery Ltd
Sutton Mill
Gunco Lane
SK11 7JL

Phone     01625 502315
Mobile     077 4863 8021