The Shires Brewery business was started in 2009 although its roots can be traced back through it`s Brewer, Mike Handley, to several other brewing plants at other locations. Today the Shires Brewery team includes both a sales and an accounts function to assist Mike in the day to day running of the business.

Mike has purveyed his beers over 3 decades starting at the Davenport Arms, Worfield near Bridgnorth in 1994 with just a one barrel capacity plant brewing three beers for internal sales. Production moved to Red Cross Brewery, Bromsgrove, for three months in 1999, having purchased a five barrel plant, and then moving the entire operation to Bridgnorth.

When the All Nations Inn was sold to new owners, Jim and Linda Birtwhistle, he relocated to the All Nations Brewhouse in order to brew their house beers and to expand the brewing business. The existing plant was incorporated into the All Nations to form a comprehensive ten barrel setup .A barrel in this instance being a “British Brewers Barrel” which is 36 Imperial gallons. Because of Manual Handling Regulations the majority of the brewery`s output is despatched in 9 Gallon “Firkins” although they occasionally use an 18 Gallon “Kilderkin” where these can be handled by the cellarmen.

By 2008 the increase in local small brewers within the Midlands region to meet the increasing demand for real ales had resulted in some confusion from the trade and public alike – often mistaking the brewery at which the beer had been produced. Shires Brewery was launched in early 2009 with an entirely new look for it`s Point Of Sale pump clips and business organisation.

Shires Brewery Limited
All Nations Brewhouse
20 Coalport Road

Phone    01746 769606
Mobile    079 7790 0212