My Name is Nigel Poustie. I started brewing in 2008 and in 2009 the first Sunbeam Ales were born. The process of creating new and tasty ales is something that really excites me. All of my ales have been tweaked and tinkered with and not until I feel they are perfect do they wear the Sunbeam badge!

Together with my small son I brew all the ales in my back to back terraced home in Leeds. Each batch is very small so you can be sure that every last drop is carefully hand crafted to create full bodied, flavoursome ales.

In 2011 I entered 5 ales into the UK National Homebrewers Competition and 3 of them won rosettes, 2 won 2nd place and 1 won 3rd place. From that point I have been working hard and improving to make commercial ales, which embody the roots of Sunbeam Ales.

Sunbeam Ales
Sunbeam Terrace
LS11 6EW

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