Everyone loves Beer ! and so do I. This is the main ethos behind my Brewery and the passion and quality of Ales and Beers that come out of it.
There’s nothing more satisfying on a summers evening than spending time with friends and loved ones in a Beer Garden with a cool, crisp refreshing beer with the condensation running down the glass!

Having frequented local  Pubs and Bars,  I’ve had some fantastic tipples from some great breweries, but there are brews out there that just “Dont hit the spot!”. This is drive behind my brewery , to always hit that “spot” and the enjoyment and pleasure I get of creating  and brewing drinks that people savour and enjoy again and again.

I strongly believe that if you can create a taste, an environment or great feeling of a past experience , you ll go to this to remember that event.
For me, I discovered Ales and Beers while hillwalking in the Lake District, which is a fantastic area for walking and even more for Breweries. When I see those ales on sale in a Sussex Pub, I head straight for them and always remember some great times away. I have to also thank Scott and Gareth for expanding my taste for ale and good company.

The Baldy Brewery
Parham Park
RH20 4HS

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