As a micro-brewery, we are dedicated to the craft of producing Welsh ale with a difference.
We believe in using the highest quality ingredients with every effort made to source our produce
from the local area, including fresh Breconshire water and the finest malts and hops available.
Once we have all our essential ingredients, we can begin the science, the art that is brewing.
Hot water (liquor) is added to the “Mash tun”. This is a vessel where malt and wheat are mixed with
the hot liquor to produce a sugar extract known as “wort”. This is formed by the breakdown of the malt
starch into sugars which in turn dissolve into the liquor. This process usually takes around 90 minutes
to complete. When all the wort has been extracted from the mash, we can begin to transfer it into the
next vessel, known as the “Copper”, by a process known to us as “wort run-off”
As the wort is being run off, the surface of the mash is “sparged” which involves spaying the mash
with hot liquor. The liquor passes down through the mash, washing out the wort into the copper.
This run off process is carried out over a 60-90 minute period, depending on the size of the brew.

The Otley Brewing Company Limited
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