Shalford Brewery is a five barrel microbrewery built and installed at a farm in the Pant Valley in Essex.

Brewing commenced in July 2007. Using finest malt, hops and yeast Brewer Nigel Lawes tries to create interesting and different as well as traditional real ales for the discerning real ale drinker. Both cask and bottle conditioned beers are available.

Shalford was proud to be nominated and short listed for Champion Beer of Britain at the Great British Beer Festival 2008.

Beer making has changed little over the centuries and the process of mashing, sparging, boiling and fermenting used today would be very familiar to our ancestors even if some of the equipment and delivery methods have changed. The varying of malt and hops to obtain just the right balance of taste and body remains an everlasting challenge and recipes are as precious as the one for “Granny’s home made boozy sticky toffee pudding.”

Bottle-conditioned ales (real ales in a bottle) are unfiltered and unpasteurized beers. They need to be stored upright and allowed to clear before pouring or else the yeast sediment with which the beer is primed is disturbed.

The Shalford Brewery
c/o 3 Broome Close Villas

Phone    01371 850925
Mobile    077 4965 8512