Here at TicketyBrew we want to bring you tasty new beer. Something different. Not eye-watering, wheel-reinventing bonkers stuff, but original beer inspired by the best the world has to offer. Delicious booze can be a bit too hard to track down, so we bring you the good stuff, brewed in your city.

We’ve opened with two contrasting beer styles: our crisp and zingy Pale Ale and our rich and warming Dubbel.

Our Pale Ale is made with British malt, classic American hops and curious Belgian yeast. The result is an aromatic and bitter ale with a delicate sweetness from the yeast. A classic with a little twist.

Our Belgian-style Dubbel is heavily influenced by Trappist breweries and their dark, strong ale. It’s made with pitch-dark candi syrup, delicately hopped and, unsurprisingly, fermented with Belgian yeast which imparts a feast of spicy, fruity aromas and flavours. A big beer which is surprisingly easy going.

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