West Brewing Company Ltd

WEST was founded on a vision to brew the best beer in the UK. After several years of careful planning, we opened our doors on the 10th of March 2006, having built one of the UK’s most advanced small breweries amidst the Victorian grandeur of the famous Templeton Carpet Factory.

Our work was part-restoration and part-innovation, combining tradition and modern design in creating a truly unique space both for our staff and for our visitors. We also combine tradition and innovation every time we brew, by fusing the tradition and techniques of the great German breweries with the cutting-edge technologies we employ, alongside some Scottish ingenuity. We are a proud and passionate business and it is our mission to brew the finest beer produced in the UK, to serve all of our customers, as best we can.

West Brewing Company Ltd
15 Binnie Place
G40 1AW

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