Yates Brewery is the oldest independent brewery in Cumbria and was established in December 1986 by Peter and Carole Yates. Peter Yates had spent all his working life in the brewing industry culminating at Jennings Brewery, Cockermouth where he was Head Brewer. A disused byre was converted into a two-storey brew-house and other outbuildings on the smallholding were converted into ancillary buildings.

In August 2008 Yates Brewery celebrated 2,500 brews, approximately 8 million pints of beer. It is testament to the ongoing quality of Yates Beers that many of the original Yates outlets still stock Yates beers, some after several changes of ownership.

Yates Brewery is situated in the picturesque village of Westnewton on the Solway Plain in the North West corner of Cumbria.

The brewery changed hands in September 1998. The current owners are Graeme and Caroline Baxter who previously owned High Force Hotel and Brewery in Teesdale, Co. Durham. The brewery has had a successful history and in its relatively short life and has collected many awards from all over the country.

Yates Brewery Ltd
Ghyll Farm

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