We started officially brewing in January 2012, though we brewed for ourselves long before that. With so much great feedback we concluded it would be a crime not to share our passion for beer with everyone. We’ve been heavily influenced by so many beers particularly by breweries from the 1800’s that have now long-since closed their doors. Heritage is important to us and all our beers are made with a definitive nod to the brewers and breweries of former times. If we can develop great beer and give people a history lesson at the same time we would be two very happy brewers!

We regularly produce a range of four core beers (North, South, West and East) and North Pole is brewed for the festive season. We also brew a new limited edition beer each month, produced in small batches and aimed the drinker wanting something just a little bit different. You can find reviews of our core range here, and the first of our limited edition beers here.

Adventure Brewery Ltd