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Real Ales & Beers Guide

Following British Micro Brewery developments the real ale guide is now delivery real ale & beer in assocaition with UK micro breweries.

During the last 10 years the brewery industry in the UK has changed significantly.

Whilst some of the oldest breweries have strengthened their businesses such as Greene King (IPA), Fullers (London Pride), Wadworth (6X), Shepherd Neame (Spitfire), St Austell and a few more! New smaller breweries are becoming ever more popular with the next generation of beer drinkers. SIBA and CAMRA maintain their positions to promote the industry from maker to drinker respectively and have the beer serving guardians CASK looking over everyone’s shoulders. So here is a big cheers to the beer makers and the pubs, inns, hotels, bars and beer festivals that provide all the ingredients for a long and jolly life.

Beer & Real Ale Home Delivery

With the popularity of real ale and beers made by micro breweries rising, it isn’t any wonder the beer and real drinkers of the UK would like to try more and have it delivered direct to their home. Beer for the home can be order online through any one of our partner micro Breweries.

Simply look out for their buy beer online links.

Real Ale & Beer

What would a real ale guide be without the most popular real ales. The beer drinkers choice and the beers serviced at the bar are two very different things. The latter is generally cheaper and the former more expensive but with a taste worth paying for.

Beer Makers

Beer makers across the World are more demand now than ever before. With the rise in popularity for real ale the micro breweries are giving the big drink producers a run for their money.

In the next chapter a full review of the micro breweries will be published. Going back just a few years to to 2008 when James May brought our attention to the rising numbers of real ale makers in the UK the industry has taken another change in direction. Real Ale for women.

Beer Festivals

The Nottingham Robin Hood Beer Festival is back once again for 2011! Set in the superb grounds of Nottingham Castle, the event brings together the widest range of real ales ever seen in the UK and probably the world. The festival plays host to golden ales, fruit beers, stouts, bitters, milds, porters and barley wines along with a wide selection of traditional ciders, perries and assortment of country wines.

Everards is delighted to be at the festival once again in 2011 and invites you to enjoy a taste of Tiger, Original, Sunchaser, Beacon or Equinox at our stand.

Beer Home Delivery

In association with a number of UK micro breweries we’ll be providing a number of special promotions to buy real ale online.

If you are a brewery in the UK and can provide special offers (12 selected beers in a box) contact us to get the beers listed. 0845 388 1071

Customers please sign up to receive notifcations when real ales and beers are available. Remember, real ales and beers are best enjoyed in one of the remaining few pubs and inns still open in the UK. Would more people still use traditional pubs had supermarkets not been allowed to sell cheap beers.

Fancy making your own beer at home? This is a beer kit we have tried and tested. For a beginner it is well worth giving it a go. Not much you can do to go wrong.

Micro Breweries

If you take the big breweries out of the beer production market what are you left with. Certainly not a shortage of breweries, obvioulsy not on the same production scale but certainly positioned well enough to supply local commuities with traditionally brewed beers and real ales.

Here are just a few of hundreds of micro breweries operating across the UK today (we’re not totally sure what the difference is between micro and full brewery, it’s probably down to volume of production).

Bowman Ales

is a micro brewery based near Droxford in Hampshire, producing award winning real ales such as Swift One and Wallops Wood. You can enjoy our beers in pubs all over the South of England – the “Pub Finder” on this site will help you locate one close to you.

You can also buy our beers from specialist off licences, or you can buy boxes, bottles and barrels of beer to take away direct from our brewery.

Hornbeam Brewery

Hornbeam Brewery in Denton Manchester has been a rising star within the micro Brewery World for the last few years. Winning awards for their mix of real ales, Light and Dark varieties. The beers produced at their Manchester based brewery can now bought online. Home delivery comes in mixed cases of 12.

Hornbeam Brewery Real Ales & Beers

Real Ale Trade Directory Preferred trade directory for the real ale trade.

Summer Wine Brewery Real Ales Beers

Nelson Brewing Company Kent Real Ales Beers

Titanic Brewery http://www.titanicbrewery.co.uk/

Real Ale Breweries

Norfolk Real Ale Breweries

Real Ale Pubs and Hotels

The modern pub whilst remaining traditional is at the heart of every community. Real ale pubs, inns and hotels formerly coaching inns are still favourite places to stop over.

The Real ale guide lists pubs and inns that stock real ale and there are more pubs with accommodation and bed breakfast to be found at Pub Rooms and Find Inns featuring real ale pubs and inns.

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