The Full Moon Brewery is a micro-brewery based on a farm in Henley Down, East Sussex and is run by James Pryke and Roger Massey.
James and Roger met through a mutual interest in brewing and all things beer.  Their one objective is to brew stunning beers that challenge conformity and really test the taste buds of the connoisseur.
The brewery is small enough to enable a real hands-on, hand-crafted approach to the brewing, but large enough to produce in excess of 5000 pints a week.
Whilst it would be great to be ecologically friendly and source local ingredients, we are committed to brewing the best beer that we can. This means sourcing the best ingredients possible, irrespective of their country of origin. The bulk our our malted barley does come from the UK but we do use specialty malts imported from central Europe. In order to create new and exciting flavours and aromatic beers we have to go further afield for our hops, the majority of which come from the US and Australasia.

Full Moon Brewery
Sharpes Farm
Henley Down
TN33 9BN

Mobile   078 3222 0745