The picture on the right shows Paul in the cold store admiring the first batch of Gold thats just been barrelled!

So how did Paul get into brewing?

His back ground is varied, he started his career in production engineering and more recently worked in the Sales industry, however he found he was constantly away from home and his family and had had enough of the corporate life – he needed to follow his dreams…

The rest as they say is history, he found premises on a local farm in our village that needed a total make over as the pictures in our gallery will show!  Next, a lot of hard work and help from friends and people in the community and we were ready to get started.   The kit was purchased from and installed by Moss Brew and Paul got stuck into the experimental stage. This went very well and successfully and he developed the main lines which are all detailed in the beer section.

Setting up a brewery does come with many different challenges, some expected, some not!   There are many variables that need to be taken into account when brewing Ales for instance, controlling the temperatures. The weather affected the quality of brewing and we soon found the brewery needed many changes to allow consistency of brew.

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