Hydes is one of the few breweries that is still owned and managed as a family business and in an age where most traditional breweries have been swallowed up by the giants of the industry this is no mean feat. Hydes continue to thrive and produce a superb range of craft brewed cask beers to suit all tastes and occasions.

Our success is based on our fastidious commitment to quality in every aspect of our business: quality of the people we employ, quality of the beers we brew, quality of the pubs we run and the service we provide to our customers, and it’s this quality combined with almost 150 years experience that you look for when enjoying a pint in your Hydes local.

Hydes’ Brewery Ltd
The Beer Studio
30 Kansas Avenue
M50 2GL

Phone     0161 226 1317
Fax         0161 232 5200