THE early 1980s were boom and bust years for the burgeoning micro-brewery industry. Many of the companies that started up at that time failed to last the course, three or four years being the typical lifespan.

Some however did flourish and prosper. 1982 was something of a vintage year with 26 new brewery start ups. Twelve remain today and among them are some famous names – Burton Bridge, Clarks, Moles, Mauldons, and RCH have all stood the test of time and their beers are often found in the local free trade.

However there is one survivor from that year that has really made its mark on the local scene. In August 1982 Tony Allen opened his Oak Brewery on an industrial estate in Ellesmere Port. Nine years later he moved to a location more central to his growing free trade and the Phoenix Brewery, based in Heywood, was born. Few micros today can occupy such impressive premises, but more of that later.

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