We are a small, independent brewery based in Salisbury’s beautiful Wylye Valley.

We are dedicated to  producing distinctive aromatic ales, using only the finest malted barley and locally grown hops.

The Brewing process at Salisbury Brewery

The brewery is very fortunate in having an abundant supply of locally grown and locally malted barley.  Quite often the fields close to Salisbury Brewery are planted with barley which is a fine sight.  Warminster Maltings operate one of the few remaining traditional floor maltings.  Here, barley is steeped in water to trigger the natural germination of the grain before being loaded onto a floor where the maltster carefully turns the grain by hand to ensure even germination.  This ensures that the grain’s natural starch reserve is sufficiently degraded to avail the brewer, whilst limiting the amount consumed by the grain as it begins to grow.

Salisbury Brewery
Unit 1 Oakley Business Park

Phone   01722 716440