As promised when I visited and bought your 3 pack here is my feed back as a beer drinker, chemist and home brewer.
COBB: This is a very interesting ale. It had a very very subtle aroma that was quite elusive but after a lot of thought was suddenly ‘rich fruit cake’ and then subsequently ‘rich brewed coffee’. It was a fairly ‘bitter’ with a long after taste – overall a very good ale.

Black Ven – This Porter ale did surprise me as it is a dark ale using dark and chocolate malts, yet you have managed to get those malt flavours while avoiding the more ‘burnt’ tastes that can come from the chocolate malt in stouts. Certainly a very nice ale and a good one for the winter.

Lyme Gold: This is a summery pale golden ale, with what I describe as a more ‘wine-y’ but light taste and fresh fruity aroma. It ends with a very pleasant ‘light bitter marmalade-orange citrus’ after taste. An excellent ale for a summer evening – and best drunk outdoors to get the fullest of the aromas and flavours.”

Town Mill Brewery
Mill Lane
Lyme Regis


Phone 01297 444354