The Valhalla Brewery is Britain’s most northerly brewery and was opened in December 1997 Sonny Priest. The Valhalla Brewery is found in Unst, Shetland – the most northerly island in Britain. The brewery is named after the hall in the celestial regions, home of the Norse god Odin, where slain Viking warriors were borne, to be revived by a horn full of ale.

So there was no better choice of name for the brewery, as Shetland is renowned for its Up-Helly-Aa celebrations and is steeped in Viking history!

Sonny concentrated all his efforts in the Shetland market for the first year but has since broadened the company’s horizons and now distributes casks and bottles to areas all over the U.K. The employing of additional staff and the installation of a bottling plant in August 1999 have made an enormous difference concerning the brewery’s diversity and productivity.

Valhalla Brewery
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