Whitstable Brewery

The Whitstable Brewery’s mission is to supply beers with a difference and wide choice. The beers are sold all over kent centring on their trading base in Whitstable:

The Hotel Continental
The East Quay Restaurant (on-the-sea)
The Whitstable Brewery Bar at the East Quay (on-the-sea)
The Oyster Co Restaurant
and are also distributed to Sussex and Essex.

Since the Brewery was established three years ago our wide range of products are also now distributed to ASDA and Waitrose Supermarkets. These are Wheat Beer, Raspberry Wheat Beer, Oyster Stout and our Pilsner Lager. These are all available in Cask and complement our two Cask Ales, East India Pale Ale (4.1%) and Native (3.7% Bitter). The East India Pale Ale has recently been put into 750ml bottle as a Bottle conditioned Ale.

The Flavour of Czechoslovakian Saaz hops can be enjoyed in the Pilsner Lager at 4.9% abv and the new Harbour Light (a 4.1% hoppy lager) and are available in the bars at Whistable. The Pilsner is available as a Cask Lager called Bohemium and it is dispensed on the normal hand-pull equipment.

Whitstable Brewery
c/o 29 Beach Walk

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