Wilson Potter is a new six barrel microbrewery in Middleton in North Manchester.  We produced our first beers back in October 2011 – a 4.1% fruity, malty caramel amber beer called Making Progress and a 3.7% pale golden beer with a citrus aroma and a full balanced bitterness with a clean tangy finish called Cascale.

Wilson Potter Brewery was established in our minds years ago when real ale was a scarce commodity.  Over the years, we have searched for and sampled many real ales.  Having frequented a number of beer festivals, we were increasingly intrigued by the range of flavours to be found from the growing number of microbreweries around the country.

When we met, whilst working together in St Helens, we discovered we both liked real ale which made us unusual amongst our friends who were mainly lager drinkers.  Our search for good real ale then began in earnest.  Gary, Amanda’s husband, introduced us to beer festivals by taking us to Wigan Beer Festival in its old home of Wigan Pier.  Beer festivals had the added bonus in those days of never having a queue for the ladies.  This is no longer true as more and more women are enjoying the wide variety of flavours available in real ales.

Wilson Potter Brewery llp
Unit E2 Hanson Park
Hanson Close
M24 2QZ

Phone    0161 654 6446